Star Hollandite Rare Dainty Collectors Specimen From Madagascar #2

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Star Hollandite formations are formed when deposits of Hollandite become trapped within Quartz during its formation. As the Hollandite becomes subjected to high thermal temperatures within the Earth, the Hollandite bursts into star formations within the Quartz. This variety of quartz is very rare.

The Star Hollandite within Quartz creates a high-resonate frequency quartz perfect for healing. Star Hollandite supports awakening to your ‘star’ within; your ability to move beyond the physical and embrace life from a higher more conscious state of awareness beyond the egoic ‘identity of self’. This Crystal may guide you with potential pathways to create change, this can be dietary changes, lifestyle changes, emotional/mental thought pattern changes, or even changes in your work and family life. As you take the steps beyond your ego and embrace your ‘star’ self, you become free to express your own beliefs and perceptions from a place of higher consciousness. You will eventually awaken to the simple awareness that you are purely love, and that the love of all creation is within you. Star Hollandite is a gentle reminder for you to have fun and enjoy this physical journey as you anchor the light of the stars here on Earth.


Length –2.1 cm

Width – 1.3 cm

Height – 0.6 cm

Weight : 4 grams

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