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Sacred Geometry (Platonic solids) Blue Lapis Lazuli~ 5 Shape Crystal Set

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Weight: 40 g

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This set is fabulous for gridwork and pairs wonderfully with the sacred geometry wooden grid board be zen & meow! 

Lapis is used oftentimes to open your mind and may be encouraging for ones self confidence and self awareness. Lapis Lazuli boosts mood and restores harmony to the wearer. Lapis also aids in opening the throat chakra amongst many other wonderful properties it offers.

Platonic solids are the five geometric solids whose faces are all identical, regular polygons meeting at the same three-dimensional angles. Also known as the five regular polyhedra, they consist of the tetrahedron (or pyramid), cube, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron. Pythagoras probably knew the tetrahedron, cube, and dodecahedron. According to Euclid, the octahedron and icosahedron were first discussed by the Athenian mathematician Theaetetus. However, the entire group of regular polyhedra owes its popular name to the great Athenian philosopher Plato

Dimensions (approx. of each):

Length- .5 cm

Width- .5 cm

Height- .5 cm