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Chevron Amethyst Butterfly Wing Carvings ~ Positive

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Weight: 170 g

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These gorgeous carved amethyst wings hold the energy of the butterfly energy. The Butterfly Totem is the symbol of metamorphosis. You see the beauty of every stage of life, and you are not afraid of getting older, or moving on the next thing, because you know that this is what life is about. Teaching others these qualities may be related to fulfilling your soul karma. 

Amethyst- Third Eye & Crown Chakra- I trust that my intuition and knowledge will guide me.

Amethyst is a supreme stone for energy cleansing, protecting, balancing and grounding. One of the most well known crystals today- Amethyst is a wonderful soothing stone to work on the physical, the emotional and etheric bodies. Wearing or carrying Amethyst will allow you to think from a clear and balanced state of mind to reduce oxidative stress. This is also a beneficial stone for EMF protection. 

L- 11 cm
W- 6 cm
H- .5 cm