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Angel Aura Citrine ~ Beautiful Display Crystal for Prosperity Altar

$ 44.00 USD
Weight: 525 g

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Chakras: Solar Plexus, Crown

Citrine is a powerful crystal that radiates bright and sunny energy. Citrine is renowned for its ability to bolster inner strength, ground its holder, and bring spiritual enlightenment. It also has powerful healing properties for the solar plexus, helping to promote abundance and prosperity. In addition to aiding in spiritual growth, Aura Citrine is known for its beneficial effects on the lungs and its warm, uplifting tones.

Angel Aura bonding is created through electrostatically bonding precious metals onto natural crystal. These enchanting crystals have mesmerizing metallic colors that stimulate the mind, body and spirit. Use this on each and every chakra to utilize all of the amazing benefits! 

Weight and Dimensions:

505.6 grams

L-10 cm

W-8 cm

H-3.9 cm