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Amethyst Ema Egg Set of 2~ Seer Stone ~ Window Stone

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Weight: 136 g

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These unique and naturally tumbled Ema Eggs, also known as window stone, dreamer's crystal and seer stones, come from the Ema River in Brazil. These crystals are half polished on one side and rough on the other so you are able to see a window to inside of the stone. These would make a wonderful addition to any crystal collection, or use for each stone's metaphysical energy healing properties. 

Amethyst- Third Eye & Crown Chakra- I trust that my intuition and knowledge will guide me.
Amethyst is a supreme stone for energy cleansing, protecting, balancing and grounding. One of the most well known crystals today- Amethyst is a wonderful soothing stone to work on the physical, the emotional and etheric bodies. Wearing or carrying Amethyst will allow you to think from a clear and balanced state of mind to reduce oxidative stress. This is also a beneficial stone for EMF protection. 

This listing is for one set of TWO (2) Ema Eggs, they will be intuitively hand selected for you with the utmost love and care.

Dimensions (Approx. of Each:)

L- 5 cm

W- 4 cm

H- 3.5 cm