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Amazing Sparkle~Opal Aura Spirit Quartz Twin Cluster

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This Fabulous Spirit quartz has been infused with Golds, Silvers & Platinum to create this amazing piece that combines the energies of Spirit quartz with Angel Aura quartz.

The Shimmering shades of iridescent colors that highlight Angel Aura quartz immediately put one in mind of the Angels. There is something delicately uplifting about Angel Aura Quartz, a quality of sweetness that stimulates the spirit & elevates one's mood. Meditating with these stones can help one move beyond the body & go to one's "Inner Temple". This is a place of rest & purification, in which Angelic guides are present, ready to help release stress & move into deep peace.

Spirit Quartz activates all energy centers and is most resonant with the physical body, especially for support of the physical healing process and in revitalizing energy levels. It clears and cleanses blockages in the system, and attunes the aura for both healing and evolution. It is a helpful tool of practitioners for extending the effects of healing work, and is beneficial for use in stone layouts.

Dimensions :

Length – 6.0 cm

Width – 4.3 cm

Height – 3.9 cm

Weight : 67 grams