Amazing Orange Crocoite Specimen From Tasmania, Australia


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Crocoite has a strong vibration that energizes ones whole system, stimulates creativity, and helps one to feel passionately about whatever has your attention. It's prefect to stimulate sexuality so keep it in your bedroom to improve your relationship, as its loving vibration is marvelous to stimulate passionate lovemaking. Just Place it close to you, rather than holding it in your hand, as it resonates well, and does not need to be held to work. It has a strong grounding action, taking energy from the base chakra to the earth and back, which infuses vitality and zest into your life. When it couples the base chakra with the loving energy of the heart, it creates a strongly spiritual and loving vibration in your life. Its stimulation of the higher heart or thymus chakra is also very powerful and brings through a strong loving and compassionate energy. It goes on to connect the base, heart, third eye and crown chakras, and makes a highly spiritual connection up to the trans-personal chakras. Physically, it?s used in treatment of disorders of the reproductive system.

Dimensions :

Length - 6.0 cm

Width - 3.7 cm

Height - 2.4 cm