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4 piece Crystal Kit for Trauma Recovery with Pink Amethyst Geodes, Phantom Quartz from Brazil and Fabulous Geometric Sliced Amethyst from Brazil with Inclusions and Calcite crusting on cap ~ Loving and Soothing Energy

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Weight: 180 g

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This is a one of a kind crystal set created by Kellie. She found these crystals at the 2024 Tucson Rock and Gem Shows and intuitively created this truly one of a kind set to overcome trauma and aid in your recovery period following major arcana moments in your life. Feel loved and held by the soothing and loving vibrations emitting from every crystal in this set. 

This kit includes:

A Brazilian Phantom Quartz, QUAD terminated, amplifying the energy of this kit in every element and direct, North, East, South and West. Amplify your abilities to communicate with your higher self, angels and spirit guides. This Phantom Quartz crystal has many phantom inclusions and crusting, a very unique powerhouse!

Pink Amethyst Geode from the Colli Cura Mine~ Argentina This gorgeous pink amethyst geode set emits a soft and tranquil energy, like a warm loving hug. Feel held through big changes you face on your spiritual path. 

Amethyst Cap Slice from Brazil~ Partially Polished with Calcite crusted cap! A very unique crystal with many hues and inclusions, mesmerizing you and connecting you more with your higher self, nurturing a strong bridge with the spiritual and physical worlds.


Total Weight: 160 grams