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Very Rare! Flashy Black Australian Lightning Ridge Opal & Boulder Opal Sterling Silver Pendant (Includes 18" Silver Chain)

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Boulder Opal is found embedded in large ironstone boulders, which is how it earned its name. Occurring as pebble rock, precious Opal develops within thin veins, fissures, and hollows. As opal miners attempt to remove the embedded Opal from the ironstone, some of the host matrices are preserved during the process.

For this reason, Boulder Opal is sometimes referred to as Opal in the Matrix. The ironstone matrix enhances the durability and vibrancy of the stone of colour. It often increases the desirable effects of 'play of colour' and 'opalescence,' which are two different optical phenomena commonly mistaken for being the same. Boulder opal is similar to layered Opal Doublet, but rather than being assembled, boulder opal's layering is a natural occurrence.

Black Opal is used in meditations in which you seek to reaffirm your connection with the earth and her spirit. The flow of love from the nurturing planet is facilitated with Opal bright with the colours of the earth and her glory. Primarily this crystal may help with soothing, calming, grounding that reconnects you with the elemental joy of the natural world.

Dimensions Including Bail:
Length - 6.2 cm
Width - 3.3 cm
Height- 0.5 cm