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TUSCON MEETS TWILIGHT~ Medium, Natural Uruguay Amethyst Heart Geode Carving ~ Gorgeous and Unique Calcite Inclusions

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Weight: 360 g

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This listing is for the exact crystal pictured here. This geode carving was hand selected at the Tucson Gem Show by Kellie herself. The energy it emits is loving and encouraging to ones heart. 

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Chakras: Chakras: Third Eye, Crown, Etheric Chakras (8-14)

Amethyst is a healing and detoxifying crystal with the power to boost concentration and memory.  Amethyst is believed to be an excellent natural tranquilizer, which brings relief from health conditions like insomnia, strain, and oxidative stress. It is also said to promote healthy sleep and dream cycles. It can help soothe irritability and balance frequent mood swings that rise from anxiety, fear, and anger.

Amethyst is useful to promote spiritual protection and purification for connection to the divine. It will also help to clear addictions and align with the third eye and crown chakras, as well as etheric chakras eight through fourteen. Feel a bubble of light when you place it around you to create a clear energy field free from negative influence and ties. It pairs well with Moldavite when used together.

weight: 344 grams