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16 Pieces Tumbled Crystal Set ~ Dumortierite, Asterite Serpentine, Shungite and Aqua Blue Obsidian ~

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Weight: 250 g

This 16 Piece Tumbled Crystal Set is perfect for tapping into your spiritual side to manifest the life you dream of living, featuring Dumortierite, Asterite Serpentine, Shungite, and Aqua Blue Obsidian

Dumortierite is a stone naturally designed to provide divine inspiration, enhance learning capacity, activate your third eye, and support neural functions. 

Asterite Serpentine is a powerful tool for transformation. These crystals can facilitate kundalini awakening, helping to bring ideas all the way through creation and to life, and to act on passions and ideas. They can also bring abundance and open the heart chakra, crown chakra and root chakra.

Aqua Blue Obsidian aids in divination and boosts psychic development . This blue volcanic glass has energies that provide intuitive knowledge when astral travelling. Emotional connections with Aqua Blue Obsidian help to to calm feelings of anger and frustration and balances extremes of moods. Useful when working with the Throat chakra specifically, though this glass is good for all of the chakras. 

Unpolished Shungite provides ultimate protection from energy vampires, astral protection, cleansing of the aura, and protection from EMF radiation. These stones will assist with spiritual rebirth and preparing the body for light codes and downloads. All Chakras.


Total weight: 235 grams