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Beautiful Pearl Glow Shell Bracelet in Sterling Silver (Adjustable Size 7.5-8.5 inches)

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Seashells can help us connect to the ocean, and to water energy. Water is the element that represents our emotions & By being in contact with seashells, we open and activate our intuition and sensitivity. This allows us to be able express our imagination, and our creativity. When we are able to express and share our emotions and ideas, we begin to heal ourselves and have a greater impact on others and the healing of the planetary family. Every species of sea creature has its own message for us that offers guidance for our lives. By learning the meaning of the shells you are attracted to in a seashell divination reading you can learn more about yourself, the underlying themes of your current life circumstances, and possible outcomes for the future.


(Adjustable Size 7.5-8.5 inches)

Dimensions Including Bail:

Length – 21.8 cm

Width – 0.9 cm

Height – 0.4 cm

Weight : 12 grams

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