Handmade Fluorite Star Copper Necklace (23 inch chain)

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Copper is known to be an amazing conductor, thus can enhance the healing benefits of the stone that it is plated with. Copper has been worn since ancient times for its healing benefits of having natural anti-inflammatory & antimicrobial qualities.

This is a Natural crystal that has been electroformed with Copper and strung on a copper colored chain. Our Copper Jewelry is left unsealed to further the positive effects that copper can have on the body.

This Copper pendant was handcrafted by me in my cute little ocean studio on Salt Spring island, BC.

 Fluorite increases intuitive abilities, links the human mind to universal consciousness, and develops connection to Spirit. This is a popular stone among energy healers, as it clears the aura of mucky energies.


Dimensions Including Bail: 

Length -3.8 cm

Width -3.2 cm

Height -0.8 cm 

Weight : 20 grams

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