Attract Balance! Warm & Earthy Essential Oil & Tiger Eye Crystal 8oz Soy Candle

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Pure Essential Oil blend of warm, earthy and elegant Cedarwood, Patchouli, Rosemary and Eucalyptus.

Each candle contains an entire 10ml bottle of pure essential oils! Essential oil candles are a muted scent. There is no synthetic fragrance oil added to our candles.

This "I Am Grounded" intention candle is 8oz of hand-poured soy wax in a Gold Tin. Burn time is approximately 45 hours. Our handmade candles are crafted using a high-quality soy wax, a hemp wick and infused with 100% pure essential oil blend that has been uniquely curated by us to promote grounding.

This hand-poured "I AM GROUNDED" Soy candle was made with the utmost care & positive intentions. Light this candle to help promote stability in your life, while saying a positive affirmation. Lovingly topped with fragrant cedarwood and tangy hibiscus flowers, each candle is topped with a golden tiger eye crystal. We chose Tiger Eye as it is a strong stone for grounding. Its vibration within the root chakra may aid in grounding if you're feeling spaced out or finding it difficult to make commitments. It's a strong stone for grounding you spiritually.

**Each one of these candles is specially made just for you. So the stone shape, color, and quantity of herbs may vary slightly from candle to candle.**

**Never leave your candle unattended. Earth Family Crystals store is not liable for any fires caused by this candle. By making this purchase you are agreeing to our terms & conditions.**